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The Breakthrough of the EcoGrid Demonstration

14th of May the EcoGrid project made a significant breakthrough: The first live test of the real-time pricing concept. The core real-time market concept is operational, and the project team will gain the first experience with live customer installations, real customer experience and real-time price responsiveness.  

In order to respond to real-time price signals, test participants have a wide range of options to access relevant price information, e.g. through their personal sign in to an EcoGrid user portal (i.e. feed back system), apps and smart phones. The test participants with EcoHome automation equipment also have the possibility to see and control their equipment.

The customer will of course have access to real-time electricity prices, as well as historical and forecasted prices. In addition, each customer will see his or her actual cost of electricity based on real-time consumption. This cost will be based on the real-time price, and is also compared with the ordinary tariffs (standard contracts).


The participants see real-time price information on their EcoGrid User Portal

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