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EcoGrid EU meets the Wind Power Challenge

Local politicians, industry and residents on Bornholm want to find solutions for their actual wind power challenges that many other regions of Europe already experience or are expected to meet in the near future.

The test-site is located on the Danish island Bornholm where the share of wind power is 50 % of electricity consumption.  Here wind power supply already exceeds the entire demand for electricity in many hours the course of a year. 

This situation is likely to appear more frequently – significantly increasing the need for power balancing resources not only on Bornholm and in Denmark, but in the rest of Europe.

Introduction of a real-time market can provide valuable balancing resources and ancillary services and contribute to reduce the costs of these resources. The EcoGrid EU real-time market has a very high time resolution (five minutes), which improves the capability to manage high amounts of rapidly fluctuating renewable energy sources, including wind power generation.