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EcoGrid EU is winner of the EUSEW Award 2016


EcoGrid EU is the winner of the prestigious EU Sustainable Energy Award 2016 (EUSEW16).

The project received the prize for the most outstanding and innovative energy project in the category Consumers. The prize were announced on 14 June – during the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.   

We are very pleased - and we are very proud! The price is also going to the 2,000 Bornholm families who are the backbone of the EcoGrid EU project, said Betina Haagensen, Vice chairman of Østkraft (Bornholm Energi og Forsyning) when she received the award from EU Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, 14th of June during the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.   

Klaus og Betina

Betina Haagensen and Klaus Vesløv from Østkraft (Bornholm Energi og Forsyning) are receiving the EUSEW Award 2016 in Brussels, 14 June 2016

The EcoGrid EU project was chosen from a list of 200 projects for clean, secure and efficient energy.

Winners of the Public and Business Sector Awards

The project Sustainable-energy transformation, Municipality of Pokupsko (Croatia) won the Public Sector award. while the Businesses Category prize went to Green Brewery Göss by Brau Union Österreich (Austria), which is the world’s first major carbon-neutral brewery using only renewable energy.

What is EUSEW?
Sustainable Energy Week is a the most important European Policy conference dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues. Sessions organised by the European Commission and energy stakeholders debate new policy developments, best practices and sustainable energy ideas, while networking events forge alliances. Awards for outstanding projects begin the week.

Read more about the EUSEW Awards here>>

REScoop EUSEW2016 0


EcoGrid is continuing…


EcoGrid 2.0 is a reality. The project has received grant of 48.6 million DKK from the Danish EUDP program (The national energy technological development and demonstration program). 

– We are very pleased to have secured financial support to continue the EcoGrid project on Bornholm, says Jørgen S. Christensen, who is research director in Danish Energy and the project manager of EcoGrid 2.0.

He thinks too many demand response RD&D projects happens behind a desk. Here is a demonstration, based on the active participation of consumers. It is some of the most important knowledge we as researchers can obtain.

Østkraft´s EcoGrid project manager Maja Bendtsen is also happy:

– We are very pleased that many of our test participants want to continue participating in the EcoGrid project.

160 people joined the final EcoGrid EU conference



On Tuesday September 15th the final EcoGrid EU results were presented at the EcoGrid EU conference. About 160 people joined the conference at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby. They listened to the experiences from the EcoGrid EU demonstration, project, which has come to an end after four and a half year.

«Despite of challenges and steep learning curve along the road, the  results of the demonstration are very satisfying» said Per Lund, (the Danish Transmission System Operator). He was responsible for the overall evaluation of the demonstration project.

The project coordinator Ove Grande from Sintef Energy Research was happy with the final results. He was also proud of the recognition the project has received such as the international nomination to the `Sustainia award´ for the best ICT solution (2012) and the `Honourable Mentioned´ prize (ISGAN/GSGF) for consumer engagement on Bornholm (2014).

Maja Bendtsen, Østkraft (host of the demonstration on Bornholm) referred to the final customer survey where 70% of the respondents (900 households) gave a positive rating to the overall EcoGrid EU project and that almost 80% would like to participate again in a project such as EcoGrid EU.

«In the current regulatory framework, incentives to have efficient system operation is too low», said Georgios Giannopoulos, ELIA, (System Operator in Belgium). He was responsible for the EcoGrid EU Roadmap and the recommendations to policy makers: «We need incentives for more efficient operation, this will improve utilization of the assets and postpone investments. Innovation is likely to result in more sophisticated and efficient operation. Smart network tariff structures should incentivize active consumers and system needs and cost of energy should be better communicated and understood by all stakeholders».

150925 alle-farge

150925 IBM

150925 powerlab
160 participated at the final EcoGrid EU conference IBM posters about the EcoGrid EU ICT architecture The conference participants visit the "live"  PowerLab DK  
150925 lego-fuld 150925 siemens-flere 150911 ecogrid-art-farve
The EcoGrid EU lego model found its way from Bornholm to the conference at DTU-CEE  Siemens  showed how the home automation system works EcoGrid EU art decoration


Find the conference programme, list of participants, the EcoGrid EU presentations and final EcoGrid EU reports here:

Conference programme

List of participants 


Partner presentations:

pdf-iconReflections from the Coordinator, O.Grande, SINTEF Energy Research

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU Market Concept, J. Østergaard, DTU-CEE

pdf-iconLearnings from Automating the Price-Response of Private Households, F. Mueller, IBM Research Zurich

pdf-iconICT & Technical solutions for aggregators, private & industry, A. Arendt & W. Ziel, Siemens

pdf-iconFrom traditional meter reading to almost online system information, B. Hansen, Landis+gyr

pdf-iconDemonstration: vision vs. reality, P. Lund,

pdf-iconØstkraft - a physical laboratory, M.Bendtsen, Østkraft

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU evaluation: The concept and market place, P.Pinson & E. Larsen & G.Le Ray, DTU-CEE

pdf-iconCustomer participation and evaluation, J. Mastop, ECN

pdf-iconResulting Demand Response, F.Judex, AIT

pdf-iconFurther Exploitation of the Technology, K. Kok, TNO

pdf-icon Balancing market integration and institutional issues, G. Giannopoulos, ELIA

Final reports

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: From Implementation to Demonstration, 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: Findings and Recommendations (brochure), 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: Overall evaluation and conclusions, 2015

pdf-iconReplication roadmap, 2015


The final EcoGrid EU conference programme is now available



 Please download the complete conference programme.


Registration for the conference is closed. Please contact Anne M. Knudsen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

or Jeannette M. Jørgensen (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for late registration.


VENUE: DTU Lyngby, Glassalen, Anker Engelunds Vej 1, Building 101A,  Find a map here>>

150905 billed web


Mark your calender for 15th of September 2015



EcoGrid EU will present the final results from the large-scale demonstration on Bornholm.

150710 final-conference title

"We are looking forward to sharing our experiences from the EcoGrid project with the international community, and by that contributing with knowlegde valuable for the further development of the energy system and power markets", Ove Grande, EcoGrid EU coordinator (SINTEF).

Download the invitation here or click on the picture to the right.