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EcoGrid Newsletter no 4



In this newsletter Kim Behnke – one of the key initiators of the EcoGrid project and Henrik Dam Policy officer at the European Commission remind us why EcoGrid is even more relevant today than it was when the project was launched 4 years ago. The EcoGrid experts also unveil some promising results due to the aggregated demand response from the 1,900 EcoGrid households on Bornholm.

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Focus group interviews: EcoGrid participants remain positive about EcoGrid



Focus group interviews with the EcoGrid participants show that the respondents in general have confidence in the EcoGrid project although things do not always work from start.

On the positive list the particpants highlight good customer service and improved comfort. But , to many people the information about prices and consumption on the webpage “My EcoGrid” is difficult to access. Failures in software and hardware installations, incorrect price information and lack of consumption data on the EcoGrid web portal are also among the problems that many participants have experienced from time to time.


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EcoGrid Newsletter no 3



In the EcoGrid EU Newsletter no 3 we share our first experiences with the price responsiveness of the EcoGrid test households. It also includes a status of the first EcoGrid industry installations.  

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New ISGAN report highlights the EcoGrid project



The EcoGrid project is among 12 international projects highlighted in ISGAN´s 2014 Casebook: "Spotlight on demand side management – International approaches and lessons learned in demand side management". The report is available on


The EcoGrid EU project is a showcase for the world´s leading consumer engagement programs


On 12 May, during the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial in Seul, Korea, the international Smart Grid Action Network and the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) announced the first-ever ISGAN Award of Excellence of pilot projects approach to consumer engagement and empowerment.

While Entergy New Orleans´ "SmartView" AMI pilot project was announced as the winner, the EcoGrid project was recognized as the `the second best´ pilot, chosen to be the "Honorable Mention" of the ISGAN Award of Excellence 2014.

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Rasmus Helveg Petersen, the Danish minister for Climate, Energy and Building and Klaus Vesløv, Director of market & development from Oestkraft are receiveing "The Award of Excellence Honorable Mention" 2014 in Seul, Korea