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The design phase of the EcoGrid EU real-time market is completed and the first phase of the field test on the Danish island Bornholm has been ramping up since May 2013. The theoretical concept will be materialised in real life on Bornholm in course of the next 2-3 years.
“The customers´ feedback regarding the ICT technology introduced in the project and their ability and motivation to change consumption based on five-minutes prices will be most valuable as source for concept adjustment in the final part of the project”, says Ove Grande, SINTEF, project coordinator.
In parallel to the development and design of the real time market concept an intensive effort has been done by the local grid company Oestkraft in order to recruit the 2,000 participants required in the demonstration. The recruitment process is considered a success. By August 2013 the objective of 1,900 test households on Bornholm was almost realized.
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On the International Electrical Equipment Conference JIEEC in Bilbao, 20-21 May, Pedro Godinho Matos from EDP Distribution gave a presentation of EcoGrid EU. The involvement in the EcoGrid project is, together with the InovGrid initiative, EDP´s (and Portugal´s) most significant contributions towards the Smart Grid deployment in Europe. See Pedro
Godinho Matos´EcoGrid and InnovGrid presentation and his JIEEC conference

EcoGrid partner Tecnalia were the organisers of this 14th JIEEC conference held for the first time in 1987 and since then every second year. The conference is considered an international  forum for
high level stakeholders, were experts and researchers from from different countries exchange ideas and present the last innovations in the power sector.

14th of May the EcoGrid project made a significant breakthrough: The first live test of the real-time pricing concept. The core real-time market concept is operational, and the project team will gain the first experience with live customer installations, real customer experience and real-time price responsiveness.  

In order to respond to real-time price signals, test participants have a wide range of options to access relevant price information, e.g. through their personal sign in to an EcoGrid user portal (i.e. feed back system), apps and smart phones. The test participants with EcoHome automation equipment also have the possibility to see and control their equipment.

The customer will of course have access to real-time electricity prices, as well as historical and forecasted prices. In addition, each customer will see his or her actual cost of electricity based on real-time consumption. This cost will be based on the real-time price, and is also compared with the ordinary tariffs (standard contracts).


The participants see real-time price information on their EcoGrid User Portal

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By March 1st 2013 more than 1500 households on Bornholm are enrolled in the EcoGrid EU project. Now, the final recruitment efforts will focus on electricity households with either electric heating or heat pumps. Approximately 1200 participants will be equipped with home automation equipment from either IBM or Siemens. More than 60 % of this so called "automated response" group has submitted to the project.

Highlights from the EcoGrid EU project were presented on the second InnoGrid2020+ electricity grid RD&D seminar, 20-21 February. In the panel session "Opening active demand response to the Market", the EcoGrid EU project received especially positive feedback on Preben Nyeng´s ( presentation.

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Download a Summary of the InnoGrid seminar here...


The EcoGrid EU Newsletter no 2 includes a status of the recruitment process and the development and implementation of the real-time market concept.  

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The 2nd seminar of InnoGrid2020+ will take place on 20-21 February 2013 in Brussels. The seminar will bring together industry representatives, researchers and policy makers, to share the latest results of European Transmission and Distribution R&D projects, present the new EEGI/GRID+ Roadmaps 2013-2022 and provide the participants with insights on the future European energy markets and legislation. The seminar will include panel sessions, presentations and a poster session, enabling all the participants to interact with each other and share their knowledge.

You can download the program here:

The EcoGrid EU project is awarded with the  “EEGI  label" together with Twenties, Grid4EU, InovGrid, which is among the first four project that received the EEGI Label. The European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) will highlight those projects that are in line with the objectives and working principles of the EEGI. On the basis of the agreed EEGI Labelling Methodology approved in EEGI Team Meeting 7, the 9th of November, the projects will be evaluated by experts coming from both the GRID+ project and the EEGI Team.

The European Electricity Grid Initiative (EEGI) is one of the European Industrial Initiatives under the Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET-PLAN) and proposes a 9-year European research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programme to accelerate innovation and the development of the electricity networks of the future in Europe.

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As of 15th of November, there are 1058 registered EcoGrid EU households
on Bornholm. - We now have more than half of the test participants that we need,
says Randi Joergensen at Oestkraft. She is one of the key persons
involved in the EcoGrid EU recruitment and the communication with the
Bornholm customers.

Yi Ding, CET-DTU presented EcoGrid EU at the IEEE Conference - Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe in Berlin, 14 - 17th of October 2012

Download his presentation here...

Read more in the EcoGrid IEEE paper no 2...